About Us

SA&VD Consultancy is an agency, that is specialized in Human Resources Management. We advise, support and help companies with all kind of HR related questions. We render our services to companies who need advice on HR, as employing staff is a different kind of sport. Employees are your biggest and most important company capital.

At our site you see a number of items where we can support and advise you. However, these items are not the only services we render. Human Resources is a very broad field of expertise and we simply cannot mention all our activities at the site. We do not want you to lose your attention when you visit our site. We offer you much more service and support!

In 2010 SA&VD Consultancy is founded and since then we have grown to an agency with qualified staff, who have great passion for people and HR. These experts are perfectly capable to answer your questions and solve your problems.

Are you already curious what we can do for you? Please grab your phone and call us for a personal meeting to discuss your needs.

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