What is an organisation and how do you know that your organisation is organised in the right way? Every organisation is unique, just as every person. Referring to this it might be possible that there are some issues within your organisation that you would like to change. Are these issues improvement projects or are these issues related to employees who are not motivated?

SA&VD Consultancy would like to be your sparring partner in these cases. The services rendered by SA&VD Consultancy can be performed on a project basis. Also giving advice on the subjects you need assistance with is one of our services.

What services can you expect from us? We offer you:

  • Change Management
  • Diversity Management
  • Reorganisation
  • Employee Motivation Projects

SA&VD Consultancy is capable of building bridges between the tactical, strategical and operational level. Before we start, we will investigate the current situation in your organisation and we will do some recommendations. The recommendations are based on solutions and will result in an “attack-plan”.

If the services you need are not mentioned on our website, please do not hesitate to contact us. We might be able to help you with your questions.

How often do you hear that initiatives to execute changes within the organisation fail? Not everyone in charge of these changes think the same way and the resistance to change will not be taken into consideration.

SA&VD Consultancy works with different models to analyse and implement the changes within your organisation. Examples of the models we work with are the SWOT Analysis, the 7S-Model, the change model of Hofstede. We will look per organisation what change model would fit best.

If you would like to receive more information on change management, click on the link and get in contact with us.

A lot of international companies are located in The Netherlands due the favorable entrepreneurs climate. The Dutch employee has a high ability to adjust, but is this really true? Often the foreign culture of the company is also the culture of the subsidiary in The Netherlands. This foreign culture can be the cause of miscommunication between the foreign employees and the Dutch employees.

Also in Dutch companies cultural problems can appear. Think only of the reorganisation of companies. Each company has its own culture. Which culture is dominant after the reorganisation has been completed.

SA&VD Consultancy is specialized in dealing with the different cultures within organisations. We organise workshops on intercultural cooperation. During these workshops people will have more understanding for the culture of another person. It goes without saying that it is also possible to discuss your personal situation.

If you recognize this kind of problems in your organisation and you would like to know more about diversity management, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Reorganisations often have a big impact on the organisation and their employees. Resistance of the employee with regards to the changes are very common. Employees could lose their job during the reorganisation. It is not always possible to offer employees a new position in the company. It will ask the necessary expertise to handle these changes during the reorganisation.

SA&VD Consultancy has this expertise. We will assist you with relocating employees within your organisation (if this is possible), we can decrease the resistance of the employees and negotiating with the Working Council and unions is common territory. Leading your reorganisation from A to Z is in trusted hands with our company.

For more information on our services related to reorganisation, click on the link. We are here to help and assist you during difficult times.

How do I motivate my employees? Often employees complain that they are not motivated and that the management does not do anything about it. The management, on the other hand, wants to motivate the employees, but it seems that all suggestions are not good enough. Employees are the most important and valuable capital of the organisation. Therefore it is of utmost importance to motivate employees and to keep them motivated. SA&VD Consultancy offers different projects to motivate employees. Also we measure the employee satisfaction within organisations.

We would like to discuss with you if your employees are still motivated. In this discussion we offer our different employee motivation projects.