Coaching can be described as a way of communication in which the coach identifies himself/herself with the coachee in order to offer a bigger perspective of choices and possibilities.

Another way of describing Coaching is that Coaching is a way of life. In this life people open up for different ways of looking at a certain situation and/or assisting other people with reaching their goal in life. In this life people live their life to the fullest every single moment.

SA&VD Consultancy offers different methods of coaching in individual sessions to assist and guide your managers or employees. The coachee will prepare a “coach question” and depending on this question, it will be decided which method of coaching will be used.

Before starting the coaching sessions it is of utmost importance that the coach and the coachee will get to know each other. A personal talk will take place to discuss the need and willingness. SA&VD Consultancy also arranges in-company training sessions on Coaching Leadership.

The ultimate goal of the individual coaching sessions is that the manager will handle situations in such a way that gives him/her more satisfaction. This “new way” is targeted on reaching organisations goals in such a way that the employees experience it as pleasant.

This goal sounds superb: the manager has a better grip on life and he/she will get much satisfaction out of his new way of handling situations. His/her employees experience the manager as pleasant. How valuable would this goal be for the manager and his/her employees?

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Often employees have questions about their career, their own talents or worry about a change management processes. Being guided by the own manager is not always possible, not effective or not “safe”.

For your organisation it is of great importance to take this questions seriously. In individual coaching sessions with your employee SA&VD Consultancy will try to find answers to these questions.

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Burnout is a phenomenon that happens more and more. In the current society the expectations are higher and life passes by faster. Apparently we have to do everything, we need to have a good career. Besides the job with good career opportunities we need to have a good social life with lots of friends and activities. We do not ask ourselves the question why we need to have everything. We need to have all this as our friends and family are having it too. All the rush and stress is not very good for our health. Balancing with time is not only a matter of good time management. When the balance is pointing to the wrong site, it is causing stress and stress can become a burnout.

Burnout is a serious problem, most of all for the person who overcomes the burnout, but also for the employer of this person. We do not always consider the consequences of a burnout.

What is a burnout exactly and what causes a burnout?

Everyone is sometimes stressed or feels very tired. When this is only a short period, this is not unhealthy. On the contrary, stress can also give some advantages. We are more alert in our reaction and we are more focussed. After a stressful period the stress and excitement will disappear without any problem.

However problems are being caused if the demands are higher that than we can deliver for a longer period. In an attempt to meet the demands we often function above our own standard. This causes stress and we get very tired. This tense situation can eventually end in a burnout.

Burnout is being at the end of your strengths. You are emotionally and physically tired. Three signs of a burnout are:

  • Emotionally worn out: the loss of energy and you do not have any emotional reserves left.
  • Development of a distant attitude towards work and other people in order to avoid getting more and more tired.
  • The feeling that your qualities are decreasing: the feeling that you do not function as you did before at work.

How do you recognize a burnout? You recognize a burnout in physical and psychological complaints.

Physical complaints are among others:

  • not recovering from tiredness
  • trouble with sleeping
  • pain in muscles, head and back
  • high blood pressure
  • stomach problems
  • less resistant

Psychological complaints are among others:

  • feeling restless
  • depressed, fear and always thinking about problems
  • being tired
  • problems with being focussed
  • less self confidence

A burnout can happen in the private situation as well as in the situation at work. One often does not go without the other. If a burnout happens in the private life this will have consequences for the professional life and the other way around.

What can be done to avoid a burnout?

There are two important ways of offering help with a burnout situation. The first one is offering help to prevent a burnout. However when someone already has been diagnosed with burnout, counselling is very important.

SA&VD Consultancy offers both ways of help. We distinguish ourselves from our competition as we work with consultants who have their own experiences with burnout. We have chosen for this way of working, as our vision is that you can only offer the best help if you exactly understand what the other person is going through.

In the counselling session we meet the needs concerning the complaints. We recognize the complaints as if they are our own. We use our hart and emotions during these sessions. Our main goal is to decrease the burnout to a minimum or even completely disappears. Together is the keyword during the session. Our consultant stands by the person with burnout during all times.

A burnout can also be avoided. To avoid a burnout is often “working together” of employee and employer. Our help on avoiding burnout is again based on the experiences of our consultant; how has their employer handled their burnout situation, with all kind of attention or just ignoring the serious situation. In informative meetings we will explain what employers and employees can do to avoid a burnout. Attention and interest are the keywords during these sessions.

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